~ Perfect Again & Perfect Now ~

A word from Julie Brand, Managing Director

After the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and a mastectomy, the desire to get back your previous life is overwhelmingly strong.

In 2002 I had a mastectomy and a reconstruction which went very wrong indeed. All I wanted after going through my breast cancer surgery was to get my old life back. When I had recovered enough to buy an external breast prosthesis, I got a shock.

It was uncomfortable, unnaturally heavy, and didn’t match my natural breast very well. It did not feel like a part of me.

I did not want to wear such a poorly designed solution for the rest of my life.
I knew that I could never make a full mastectomy recovery wearing a heavy and poorly designed breast prosthesis. I simply had to find something better.

~ Our Breast Forms help you recover ~

75% lighter than old breast forms and extremely comfortable

I was lucky. Driven by necessity, my partner Franco and I discovered the technology to make the next generation of breast forms. But we know most women can’t make their own breast forms.

We know most women will not be able to make a full mastectomy recovery if they have to wear an uncomfortable, heavy reminder of their breast cancer experience for the rest of their lives.

So we decided to make a well designed breast form. It had to be light, fit the post-operative chest landscape, replicate the natural breast, and most importantly, feel comfortable. Our mission now is to make these new breast forms available to all Australian women. That is Perfect Again.

~ The Perfect Now Breast Form Range ~

The aim is to make you feel Perfect Now


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